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MTWO was hired by Chateau Ste Michelle Wine (CSM) to produce experiences for Seattle Kraken Week. CSM partnered with the newest NHL team, Seattle Kraken, to promote their wines at games and events.

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The Challenge

CSM's challenge was to promote their wines in a way that would engage the Kraken's fan base and create brand awareness. CSM was looking for an agency that could help them create unique and memorable events that would leave a lasting impression on Kraken fans.

The Solution

MTWO worked closely with CSM to understand their brand values, target audience, and marketing objectives. MTWO developed a comprehensive event marketing strategy that included experiential marketing, sponsorships, activations, and digital marketing. MTWO created customized events that were tailored to the Kraken fan base and designed to create a memorable experience for attendees. 

MTWO created multiple successful events for CSM during "Kraken Week." Kraken Week was a week-long event that was designed to promote CSM's partnership with the Seattle Kraken. The event included a Pre-Game & Watch Party, Beach Clean Up, and an onsite experience at the game. 

The Pre-Game & Watch Party was held at a KEXP and featured CSM's wines, Kraken-themed cocktails, and live music. The Beach Clean Up was held that weekend and was designed to promote sustainability and community involvement. The onsite experience at the game included a Kraken & CSM branded shirt when fans shared what it meant to be a Seattle Kraken Fan.

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The Results

Kraken Week was a huge success, and the events created by MTWO helped to increase brand awareness and engagement for CSM. Some of the results include:

  • Increased brand awareness and engagement for CSM's wines
  • Increased social media followers and engagement
  • Increased consumer loyalty and brand affinity
  • Generated new leads for CSM
“It’s great to work with a team that thinks outside of the box when representing our brands. They have always pitched us great ideas, and we love their drive for creating and managing campaigns. They are great to communicate with and go above and beyond to make our team happy! It is rare to find a good group of individuals like this to work with.”
Dustin Stratton
Trade Activation Manager, Anheuser Busch


MTWO has was able to show CSM their capabilities this week with a short turnaround time, by helping them to create unique and memorable events that engage the Kraken fan base and promote their wines. MTWO's expertise in event marketing, experiential marketing, and digital marketing has helped CSM to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. The client was very happy and excited about creating more experiences with MTWO team.

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