Anheuser Busch

MTWO has provided event management, staffing, and creation services for the extensive portfolio of Anheuser Busch and their 500 brands+ including Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob ULTRA, Stella Artois, and more.


The Challenge

One of AB's biggest challenges was to differentiate its brands from the competition and to create memorable experiences that would increase brand loyalty and sales. AB was looking for an agency that could help them create unique and engaging events that would leave a lasting impression on consumers.

The Solution

MTWO worked closely with AB to understand their brand values, target audience, and marketing objectives. MTWO developed a comprehensive event marketing strategy that included experiential marketing, sponsorships, activations, and digital marketing. MTWO created customized events that were tailored to each brand's unique identity, using cutting-edge technology and creative ideas.

Some of the most successful events that MTWO initiated and supproted for AB is their partnership with Dinning Out. Since 2015, our agency presented the opportunity to AB to partner with them on all their events. This partnership that our ageny manages enabled AB to get multiple brands visibility at some of the most high profile events in the Denver market. Those events included: Top Taco, Chicken Fight, Rare and the Wedding Party. This sposoship opportunity we presented has gained exposure for mulitple brands under the AB portfolio and liquid to lip opportunities for new products.

MTWO also created a series of marketing campaigns that were designed to build AB’s relatioship with their partnered retailer accounts, drive engagement and awareness of AB's brands to consumers. One of the most successful campaigns was the "BUD & Burgers” campaign. MTWO custom built a BUD & Burger trailer, that had the capabilties to grill burgers and engourage consumers to hang out enjoy a BUD and burger on us.  The BUD & Burger trailer made apearances at on & off premise accounts supporting their partnered retailers and giving plus up expereinces for AB partners and events they sponsored. This campaign was a success they continued to execute it for a consecutive of 3 years.

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The Results

Over the past 8 years, MTWO has helped AB to create numerous successful events and marketing campaigns that have increased brand loyalty and sales. Some of the results include: 

  • Increased brand awareness and engagement for all AB brands
  • Increased sales and revenue for AB brands
  • Increased social media followers and engagement
  • Increased consumer loyalty and brand affinity
“It’s great to work with a team that thinks outside of the box when representing our brands. They have always pitched us great ideas, and we love their drive for creating and managing campaigns. They are great to communicate with and go above and beyond to make our team happy! It is rare to find a good group of individuals like this to work with.”
Dustin Stratton
Trade Activation Manager, Anheuser Busch


MTWO has been a valuable partner to AB, helping them to differentiate their brands from the competition and to create memorable experiences for consumers. MTWO's expertise in event marketing, experiential marketing, and digital marketing has helped AB to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. With the ongoing partnership between MTWO and AB, it is expected that AB's brands will continue to thrive in the competitive beer market.

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